Rin-Rin wrote:

Okay, there will at least be updates on my writing, and if I’ve had the time also updates on story bibles and world building, on Sundays. Then during the weeks there might be either Random shit, or about something I’ve drawn or possibly some reviews. (books, games and other shit)

I’m a couple of scenes away from the 2nd plot point in my fantasy WIP. After the first draft of the fantasy WIP is finished I actually think that I’m going to be working on Scrambled’s webcomic script or the first novella. I’m not sure, I might do both because I don’t know if my editor wants to edit scripts. XD; I’ll have a talk with her.

I’ve been off from work this week so I have only been writing what I have needed too for the Boot camp (Fantasy WIP). Instead I’ve been watching the Mid Season Invitational (League of Legends) and hung out with my sister and stuff. I will hopefully be more inspired to write on Scrambled since those characters have been my babies for a very long time. I think that will have some changes between them though. Not sure what yet as I need to keep working on that fantasy WIP.

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