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Interview with Anna W Aden.

It’s the 15th and I promised you something yummy today, didn’t I?

Yep, I’ve dragged up one of my…uuuh, “willing” victims from the basement and now let’s interview her. *turns the blinding light of the lamp onto the poor “willing” victim”.

So…this is romance writer Anna W Aden aka blogger Bigga Day, let’s see, in my stalker repo-…uuh, from my pre-interview I know that she loves writing romantic stories with plenty of drama, set in glamorous and glitzy settings in which she and her readers can escape into.

I choose to start with her because she, like me, is not only a writer but also a webcomic artist…and well. She was closest to the basement door. That must mean something? Right? The light seems to be bothering her, though, so maybe we shall get right into it?

-Are you a plotter or a pantser?

When I first started writing short stories, I used to go with the flow and see where the idea took me. It worked most of the time until I start writing novels then I found myself ending up in a lot of dead ends which was frustrating.

Now I’ve learned to balance the two, so even if I have a plot, and I can still see where the idea takes me. And if that goes to a dead end, I just go back and rely on the plot or outline.


-Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get else someone to do it for you?

With short stories, I tend to do it myself. For novels, I’m getting someone else to do it. A family member is lined up, she does it for non-fiction, however, she’s also a romance reader so that should be interesting. However, if she’s busy or can’t do it, I’ll definitely get someone else, though.


-What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing against being published or the other way around?

With self-publishing the writer has complete creative control and supposedly gets a greater financial return if the books do well. Then there is time – it is much shorter from finish date to publication. I heard this can take up to 18 months in the larger publishing firms.

For me, the main disadvantage about self-publishing dealing with all the other business matters that don’t relate to writing. So doing the publicity, marketing, sourcing editors, proofreaders and cover artists. It can be labour-intensive and expensive in terms of time and money. There is also time spent on networking to build relationships, seeking out good referrals and researching reputations.

Then there are economies of scale, at least with the larger publishers – they can produce better quality print books at a cheaper cost than the average independent writer, and also negotiate translation costs – a big earner for some writers who may be more popular in another part of the world. Some writers don’t sell well in their native language but do very well in translations.

This is my understanding others may have a different one.


-What is your favorite food?

Ah, you got me there. I love cake and puddings, that’s not technically a food but it is to me. Desserts are my thing because I have a sweet tooth. I love sponges, carrot cake and fruit cakes.

I also like sushi which I developed a taste for in Australia of all places, and thick curries. Actually, I’ll call it anglo-sushi because the stuff we eat in the UK is probably very different from authentic Japanese sushi cuisine.

My characters love food as well, I have a lot of scenes based around eating.


-How are you publishing this book and why? (*e.g. Indie, traditional or both)

Definitely independent. As I mentioned before it’s about having creative control, and it in a way it means I can also do things at my own pace. Also, my story doesn’t fit into romance line of most traditional publishers and I’m not going to change or tweak it to.

As a writer, I’ve learned some publishers are rigid about their format so it’s no point wasting my and their time sending a book that doesn’t fit their format.

I feel very fortunate to be writing in these times where I can publish independently. Hopefully at some point, I’ll become a hybrid writer, but for now I’m happy self-publishing.



Anna W Aden lives in the UK. She also blogs and writes under the pseudonym Biggaletta ‘Bigga’ Day. She is a self-confessed cakeaholic who loves a bargain in the sales, discovering London’s open green spaces, the occasional music concert, and libraries.

And once in awhile she catches up on reality and youtube shows.


And that’s it for the first interview. Now this is fun, ain’t it? I think I’ll continue doing this…for…like…ever. 😀 I’m lucky to have such a big basement.

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