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Interview with Imogen Keeper.

While trying to prep for NaNo and wrap up the first draft of my current WIP (Scrambled 01: Melker) I almost forgot about the romance authors visiting my basement. This time, I decided to release the writer whose book I have next on my reading list. (Well, next on the list after all the books my lil’sis keep piling on it…) Imogen Keeper.

So let’s slap her with our 5 new interview questions, shall we?

Do you aim to write a set number of words per day?

No. I tried for a while and it just doesn’t work for me. My life is too predictable, and while I love writing, my son demands too much of my attention and love to be able to stick to any specific schedule.

So I write when I can find the time. Having an iron clad goal made my life more stressful. So now, I just try to do something related to my writing every single day while he naps.

Some days he takes a short nap, and all I manage is to edit a single scene. Another day, all I do is formatting, or critiquing, or plotting. Then I have days where he takes a three hour nap and I write 5,000 words in one sitting. I seem to thrive in a certain amount of controlled chaos.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

Coffee? Ummm… No, in all seriousness, when you have a two-year-old it’s not so much a choice to get out of bed as a requirement. I must get up to take care of him.

But on the rare times that my husband and I take a vacation without him, I get up excited to spend some time with my characters. They have the most exciting lives. That and coffee.

Your favorite movie and why?

This is one of those questions that’s really just too serious to answer. I don’t even know how I’d begin to try. I have movies that I love depending on my moods, movies that changed the way I think about the world, movies that inspire or just let me relax. How to choose? I couldn’t dream of it. I love scary movies for when my husband and I want to watch a movie on a Saturday night. A good comedy for a bad cold, or a rainy Sunday. It all depends. I’ll watch anything once, and anything I liked twice.

Can you share some insight into your main character? What makes her special?

I’ll have to pick one. She’s from the 3rd story in my Steamy Sci-Fi Romance series called the Tribe Warrior Series. Her name is Klymeni and she’s been kept isolated at an all-girls academy to “protect” her. She ends up in the hands of a very, very bad man and hijinks ensue.

She is special because she’s finding a core of unused strength she never needed before. She loathes the world she was raised for and with the help of her MMC, she’ll choose a new life for herself, forge her own path, and refuse to be who everyone always said she had to be. She’s a lot of fun. Plus, she’s a stickler for manners.

Is being a writer a gift of a curse?

A gift. An absolute gift. There are very few things in life that I enjoy more than writing. It’s so much fun. Challenging at times, certainly, but I’ve never regretted my decision to get serious about what had always been a life-long passion. I’m grateful every day for every minute I’m able to find to get my hands on the keyboard. There’s no time in my life in which I’ve felt more fulfilled.


I’m Imogen Keeper. But please, call me Immy. I’m from the East Coast, born and raised and back here now with my husband and our son, who is a handful and a half.

I discovered writing when he was about six months old. It was something I’d always dabbled at in the past, but never really put on my serious hat. So, bored at home with a kid who truly took magnificent naps, I started studying up on the how-to’s and the how-not-to’s of writing. With about six active works in progress, I decided to knuckle down and focus on one.

It made me blush, and it made me sweat, and it made me cry a few times, but The Bonding came out. I had to get over the embarrassment of having people read sex that came out of my head, but get over it I did.

Visit her at; https://imogenkeeper.wordpress.com/

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