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Now let’s see if this works. There is supposed to be a featured image on this post, because well. People like pictures, so I’m going to have topic images on my posts. Starting next month there will also be a monthly post that I’m going to make. I’m going to be writing about that in detail in a separate post, possibly tomorrow.

As you can see “Apostasy” now renamed to “Great kings aren’t born” (GKAB; Book 1-Sunset) is still active. I’m going to be working on it sporadically. But my current WIP is “Scrambled; Unnamed Arc- Melker”. This story is also going to be a webcomic. But I need to have finished at least the second drafts of all the books before I can start with that.

I’ve been lazy with my Sunday posts but I’m going to get better at them. Sunday posts, from on now, are going to be either about where I currently am with my WIPs. Maybe some short extracts from it. Or a picture or something. Sundays are at least going to be something related to my stories. Then during any day of the week, I’m going to be posting random shit.

The new feature posts that are going to be happening once a month will probably be posted on Wednesdays. I haven’t actually decided yet.


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