Rin-Rin wrote:

Quarterly goals…

Oh my, already? These three months went by super fast…or, well, super slow depending…well, let’s just have a look at how I fared and you’ll hopefully see what I mean.

1. The first draft of “Scrambled 01: Melker” needs to be finished. (by the end of January, my editor is waiting for it)
Ehehe, now where did the time go? 3 months went by super fast. The first draft is finished, somewhat. My alpha reader is reading it right now and I’ll edit it this coming week and then send it to my editor. …so I guess I finished this goal? Even though it should’ve been finished and sent to the editor by the end of January.

2. I should have started the first drafts of Kiriya, Gabriel, and Emmett’s novellas.
I’ve thought about them but not written anything for them. So, not finished.

3. The rough plot outline to a visual novel I’m going to be working on needs to be finished.
Here’s the part that went too slow. During the last 3 months I’ve scrapped the visual novel ideas and am instead going to be making “actual” games. First off is an RPG and a tower defense game.

4. I should draw more.
I did, I just didn’t like anything I did.

…and also, I’ve decided to not do quarterly goals. I’m going to be doing weekly goals. Because with too much time I’m going to be putting things off for too long. So small goals with a short time span to do them on is better for me.
So the goals until next week is going to be;

– Finish the edits and have it sent to my editor.

RPG & Tower defense game
Start writing on the “Game documents” for the games. (I’m doing this for Camp NaNoWriMo) Should’ve spent 7 hours on it until the next Sunday.

…and that’s it for this post. 🙂

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