Rin-Rin wrote:

The beginning…

Crown prince Sirraiyla Sunglow of Astrioraheim snapped his fingers and a ball of white light appeared above the tip of his left index finger. Standing still in the almost dark passage he listened. He could hear the ticking of the old clockwork on the other side of the wall and somebody calling his name in the distance, a couple of rooms away.

Sighing he leaned against the wall and dropped down on the ground as tiny motes of dust shimmered in his small light. He watched them dance for a moment before he pulled his legs up. Finally alone. The tension in his mind let go, lessening his headache.

Placing the old book against his legs he opened it to the first page. The motes moved and he repositioned his arm, to cover his nose, as he sneezed. Rubbing his nose with the back of his right hand he put his left hand closer to the book so he could see the text in his faint light.

The wall behind him disappeared and not reacting fast enough he fell backward. Hitting the back of his head against the wooden floor. Blinking he looked up at the face of the person who had opened the secret wall.  

This is currently the beginning of my Fantasy WIP. It’s subject to change as my editor hasn’t looked it over yet. I also need to learn how to write descriptions, since my alpha reader complain that I have too little of them. No, not too little character descriptions, but descriptions of what they are wearing or where they are. To her, it feels like my characters are just standing in a void doing a lot of crazy expressions and slopping all over their own faces. So I’ll look into that. I need to do some reading, I haven’t done that in a long while. XD;

I haven’t gotten to where I want to be in the story either. Haven’t decided how I want the first plot point to go. I know what I want the result of the plot point to be, I just don’t know how to get there. Which sucks a bit since it’s almost Sunday and by then I need to have the first plot point finished so I can work my way to the midpoint during the coming two weeks.

Well, that’s what I all I have to say today. I’ll do another post, like usual, on Sunday, about my hair. I’ll possibly be updating about the things I mentioned last time then as well. I haven’t had any time fixing the new section yet. So, see you in a couple of days. 🙂

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