Rin-Rin wrote:

Weekly goals (no. 2)

Geezus. That week went by fast. Well, I worked for the most of it so maybe not so surprising. XD



-Do some plotting on all the other novellas in the Scrambled series. At least get Kiriya, Gabriel and Emmett’s plot overview finished.

I barely did any plotting for them at all. So I failed this week. :/


-Write another 7 hours and work on the site I’ve made for the games. Yeah, I’m starting a studio XD; These goals will be moving over there when I’ve gotten it up and working.

I’ve done that and have been poking at the site, still not visitor friendly though. It’s also actually going to be the site for my publishing business when I get that up and running. XD ‘cuz I liked the name and I want to cut down on the sites that I have to update. XD;;;

New goals!


-Start working on questioneers for the betas.


-Write another 7 hours and continue working on the site. Also, start drawing concept art and sprites for the tower defense game.

That’s it for this time ‘folks.

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