Rin-Rin wrote:

Weekly goals (no. 5)

Hey, let’s jump right into the goals, shall we?

Last week’s goals


-Finish the questionnaire this time.

I did! I even kind of finished an application form. 🙂 I’ll have my editor take a look at them after she has finished the novella. :3


-Work more on the maps. Also actually start on the tower defense game.

Finished the world map, will work on the other maps later on. For my tower defense game, I know how I want the first enemy to look. I just have to finish designing it. Which is hard…meh. crystals….

New goals!


-I shall write a script for a webcomic that I want to do. I need to have at least one scene done this week.


-Finish the design of the first enemy.

…and see you next week.

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