Rin-Rin wrote:

Weekly goals (no.7)

Look! I’m early! XD
Have this week off from work and barely slept yesterday night so am going to go to bed early tonight…or well, at least I’m going to try. So lets have a look then…

Last weeks goals


-I need to write outlines for one more scene. Yes, I know that I can write more than 2 scenes a week but I shouldn’t. If I put too much pressure on myself I might loose interest in this story and I don’t want that. So one scene it is.

I wrote one and a half. 🙂 I have also kind of decided on the murder. Need to come up with red herrings all that jazz now…


-Finish that darn design of the first Tower defence enemy.

Uuuh, still nothing. ^^;; I know how I want it to look now but I haven’t drawn it yet. Been busy designing the characters of the webcomic.

New goals!


-Another scene for the webcomic outline needs to have been written until next Sunday.


-I should’ve started programming the first route and next Sunday I shall start posting these updates on the game/publishing site.

…and that’s all for now.

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